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IB Roof Systems

IB Roof Systems offers up to a 25 year 100% non-prorated Warranty on all commercial applications


“By reflecting up to 90% of the heat that normally enters a building through the roof, an IB roof will lower your building’s heat gain, and it might very well pay for itself.”

For 35 years, IB has been a nationwide leader in providing high-performance PVC membranes. IB Roof Systems has solutions for flat or low-sloped roofs that are backed by the best warranties available and installed by select Authorized Contractors. IB membranes are designed to stand up to chemicals, UV rays, and the elements of nature while providing a watertight and virtually maintenance-free roof. Let your MPC representative show you how IB can deliver a PVC Single-Ply roof that is fire resistant, energy saving and formulated to withstand ponding water.

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